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Why ŠKODA Financial Services?

At ŠKODA Financial Services, our aim is to help you experience the joy of driving a new ŠKODA as quickly and easily as possible. We offer a full suite of finance solutions to suit individuals, families, small to medium businesses and even large corporations. And because you can choose your vehicle, finance, and insurance all at once in the same place, we save you time and effort making owning a new vehicle a breeze.

How much can I borrow?

Eligible customers can borrow up to 100% of the cost of your vehicle, including all on-road costs, insurance and even registration. Of course, the amount you can borrow depends upon your personal situation and the type of finance you want to arrange. Your Business Manager can help you work out exactly how much you can borrow when you visit your ŠKODA dealership.

What information do I need to provide to apply for a new vehicle finance contract?

We’ll do everything we can to help you take home your new ŠKODA as soon as possible — but to do that, we need some information from you, such as:

  • Why you’re buying a vehicle — is it for business or personal use?
  • Your current driver's licence number and its expiry date.
  • How much you earn. Make sure you bring recent pay slips with you, or if you’re self-employed, your last annual financial statements and tax returns.
  • Information about your assets, savings and investments.
  • Your monthly income, before tax, and your monthly living expenses.
  • Information about other loans or finance you have, such as home loans, personal loans, credit cards and store accounts.
  • How much you owe on each of your loans.
  • Your address and place of work for the past three years.

Your Business Manager may also ask you for other personal information, depending on your situation. 

Is getting finance from a car dealer expensive?

It’s a common myth that finance from your car dealer always costs more than finance from a bank. We can actually provide solutions that are great value and affordable, as we can customise your finance and insurance to suit your particular situation. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at our competitive rates, and enjoy our personalised finance and insurance options and unbeatable service.

Get in touch with one of our Business Managers at your nearest ŠKODA dealer to find out exactly how much your finance solution would cost.

How do I know which finance product to choose?

This will depend on your circumstances and what you want to achieve with both your vehicle and your finance package. The decision between purchasing or leasing is a good place to start your product research, and there’s lots of information on the rest of this site too. A ŠKODA Financial Services Business Manager will be able to walk you through your options in the dealership. You should also ask your accountant about which finance solution would suit your tax position.

Where can I get ŠKODA Financial Services?

Use our locate a dealer tool to find ŠKODA dealerships near you. Our Preferred Dealers all have ŠKODA Financial Services specialists ready to help you find the best package possible.

Can I apply for finance if I am in Australia on a visa?

This will depend on your individual circumstances and the type of visa you have. You should talk to the Business Manager at your local dealership for more specific advice.

What are your interest rates?

Our interest rates align with market conditions. But we also regularly offer special rates to make owning a ŠKODA even more affordable. You can ask your local Business Manager what our current rates are.

Are your interest rates fixed or variable?

Our interest rates are fixed for the life of your contract term. So they’re easy to budget for, with no unexpected rate rises.

What is the difference between a balloon payment and residual value?

The residual value is simply the estimated value of your vehicle once your lease contract expires.

A balloon payment is a lump sum payment to be made at the end of your loan or hire contract. With a balloon payment you have three choices on how to cover it — simply pay it and keep your vehicle, pay it with the proceeds of your vehicle sale (you may need to cover the shortfall if the sale price does not exceed the balloon),  trade your vehicle in for a new one or refinance.

How can I provide feedback?

We’re always looking for ways to improve our service, so we welcome any feedback you have. The easiest way to get in touch is to contact us online using the 'Feedback' option.

Is there a time limit on providing a complaint? In most cases the sooner you inform us of a problem, the easier it will be to resolve. But generally, there is no time limit for telling us about your concerns.

Will the information I provide be kept confidential? Yes. It is covered by the same confidentiality and privacy rules as the finance we provide you.

Can someone else make a complaint on my behalf? Yes. However, you will need to give us your written consent that you give authorisation to another person to pursue the complaint. This is so we do not breach your privacy when we discuss your complaint with them.

What’s the difference between a Novated Lease, Finance Lease, Hire Purchase and Chattel Mortgage?

While some finance options may seem similar, they can actually make a big difference to what you need to pay, how you make your repayments and the kinds of tax deductions you can claim. That’s why we make it part of our service to sit down with you and discuss your financial situation before we work out which option will work best for you.

It’s also vital that you talk to your accountant, who can help you choose the option that best suits your financial situation.

To give you an idea, here's a summary of some of the differences:

  • Novated Lease: ŠKODA Finance owns the vehicle, and your employer makes lease payments on your behalf from your pre-tax income for an amount and term that you have agreed on. If you leave your employer before the lease term expires, you are responsible for covering the lease payments.
  • Finance Lease: ŠKODA Finance owns the vehicle, but you, not your employer, are responsible for making lease payments for an agreed amount and term.
  • Hire Purchase: ŠKODA Finance owns the vehicle, and you buy it progressively as you make repayments. After you make the final repayment, you own the vehicle.
  • Chattel Mortgage: You take a loan from us to buy the vehicle, and we take a mortgage over your vehicle.


What is FBT?

The Commonwealth Government charges a fringe benefits tax (FBT) on any employee benefits you receive that aren’t part of your salary, including a work vehicle. They calculate FBT every year from 1 April to 31 March. While your employer pays the FBT, they usually charge it back to you as an extra pre-tax payment. Talk to your accountant for more information.


What insurance do you offer?

We have a whole range of insurance products to help protect both you and your vehicle:

  • Motor Vehicle Cover
  • Value Protect Cover
  • Loan Protection Cover
What are the benefits of ŠKODA Motor Vehicle Insurance?

With ŠKODA Motor Vehicle Insurance you can be confident your ŠKODA is fully protected, with:

  • Repairs all using genuine ŠKODA parts.
  • You can choose your own repairer or use an Allianz approved one.
  • Use of a rental car for up to 21 days, to the value of $100 per day if your ŠKODA is stolen.
  • A replacement vehicle if your ŠKODA is a total loss, within three years of the original registration date.*

* New for old replacement is only available where the same, make, model and series of the vehicle is available in Australia. Underwriting conditions apply.

Why should I take out ŠKODA Value Protect Cover?

If your vehicle is declared a total loss, your comprehensive insurance payout may not cover the total amount you paid for your vehicle, or the loan amount you still owe. ŠKODA Value Protect Insurance covers this shortfall so you don’t have to. Whether you have paid for your vehicle outright, or have a loan balance outstanding, Value Protect Insurance can help so a total loss doesn’t leave you out of pocket.

What is ŠKODA Loan Protection Cover?

Loan Protection Cover helps keep you and your family financially safe, covering your payments if you are faced with an unexpected event, such as illness, accident, involuntary unemployment or even death. 

What am I covered for with ŠKODA Loan Protection Cover?

Choose from five solutions, depending on your lifestyle, needs and budget:

  • Trauma, death, disability and involuntary unemployment.
  • Disability and involuntary unemployment.
  • Trauma, death and disability.
  • Trauma and death only.
  • Disability only.

Still have a question? Visit a dealership or Enquire online