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Better business with ŠKODA

From the self-employed to large corporations — there’s a ŠKODA Financial Services solution for every business.

There are plenty of good reasons to use finance to purchase your business vehicles.

Firstly, there’s no need to sacrifice your hard-earned capital or threaten cash flow, or to wait until you’ve saved a deposit.

You can get up to 100% finance, putting you behind the wheel of a brand new ŠKODA vehicle straight away, so it’s out there helping your business earn more, faster.

And don’t forget that depreciation and your borrowing expenses may be tax deductible too, saving you money at tax time.

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Cover all your costs

Finance 100% of your vehicle's cost, including your insurance, registration & on-road costs. Or lower your repayments by paying a deposit if available.

Get finance that suits your business

Our flexible range of solutions such as Hire Purchase, Finance Leases and Chattel Mortgages could offer you potential tax benefits.

Customise your repayments

Look after your cash flow by choosing to pay less upfront, by making a balloon or residual payment, or lower your repayment by using a deposit if available.

Use your new ŠKODA as security

Usually, we can use your new vehicle as security, so there’s no need to put forward other personal or business assets to secure your finance.

Choose your payment terms

Choose payments that suit your business cash flow — weekly, fortnightly or monthly, by direct debit or BPAY.

Know your commitments

All your finance costs laid out from the start with no unexpected suprises - a fixed interest rate and no account-keeping fees or other hidden costs.

Clever business finance

At ŠKODA, finance isn’t just about lending you money. We’ll also work with you to ensure your finance solution is tax effective and compatible with your cash flow — whether you want to claim the repayments or depreciation on your vehicle on your tax return, or reduce your regular repayments through an extra deposit or balloon/residual payment. 

Residual or balloon payment at the end of the term
Tax-deductible repayments
Tax-deductible depreciation
Tax-deductible interest
GST is payable on the cost of the asset
GST is payable on the repayments
Finance Lease
Hire Purchase
Chattel Mortgage

Enlist a ŠKODA finance expert

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Every type of vehicle finance has its advantages. But deciding which one is right for you takes time — and knowledge. That’s why it’s so important to speak to someone who understands how finance can work for your business. For instance, is it better to own your vehicle outright, or upgrade it at the end of your term? What effect will your finance solution have on your tax? And if you account for GST on a cash basis, which finance solution will be most tax-effective?

Your ŠKODA Business Manager will take the time to help you answer all these questions and more, helping you choose best finance solution for your business priorities. And their help doesn't end once you’ve signed your finance contract either. They’ll be available for the full term of your contract, with advice and help that makes owning a ŠKODA for business more of a pleasure.

Ask for the Business Manager at your local ŠKODA dealer, who can help take the work out of business vehicle finance.

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What our customers say

We could tell you more, but we’d prefer to let our business customers recommend us. Here’s what they have to say about ŠKODA Financial Services: